Explore the genres of Fantasy and Sci-Fi as you brainstorm your own speculative fiction novel. This course is an excellent follow-up to the One Year Novel course or as a stand-alone program. 22 lessons guide you through creating a 4-page treatment.
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Other Worlds

Master the art of speculative fiction

  • Learn the history and theories behind the world's most influential genres

  • Discover how to tell which ideas will work in a story and which ones won't

  • Explore the key concept of "otherness" in world-building

  • The included video lessons, text lessons, reading excerpts and workbook questions will all help you to examine your own ideas critically

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Daniel Schwabauer

Daniel Schwabauer, M.A., has taught creative writing to thousands of students. His professional work includes stage plays, radio scripts, short stories, newspaper columns, comic books, and scripting. His young adult novels, Runt the Brave, Runt the Hunted, and The Curse of the Seer have received numerous awards, including the 2005 Ben Franklin Award for Best New Voice in Children’s Literature and the 2008 Eric Hoffer Award. He graduated from the Master's program in Creative Writing, at the University of Kansas, in 1995.